Schedule of Events

** Events schedule subject to change.

Friday, August 28, 2015

11am                         Arrival of Race Boats - Race Village - TBA

9am - 4pm               Race Boats Inspections - Race Village

                                  Crane Area - Atwater St, Detroit, MI (see map)

                                  Ramp Area - Harbor Hill Marina (11000 Freud St, Detroit)

                                  Wet Pits - Atwater St, Detroit, MI (see map)

                                  Dry Pits - Race Village

                                  Wash Down Area - Race Village

12pm - 3pm             Racer Registration - TBA

9am - 4pm               GPS Registration - GPS Trailer @ TBA

7pm                          Racers Meet & Greet - TBA

7:30pm                    Volunteer Meeting - Pavillon @ Miliken Park (1900 Atwater

                                 St, Detroit, MI)


Saturday, August 29, 2015

8am                         Course Buoys set (Check with Registration)

9am - 1pm               Racers Registration - Roberts RiverWalk Hotel

9am - 4pm              GPS Registration - GPS Trailer @ TBA

10am                      Race Village in operation

10am                       Racer Meeting - Roberts RiverWalk Hotel

10:30am                 Race Control Operational - Detroit Wayne County Port

                                Authority (130 Atwater St, Detroit, MI)

11am - 1pm             Swim/Dunker Testing - Detroit Yacht Club (1 Riverbank Dr,

                                Detroit, MI)

11am - 5pm            Crane lift operational

12pm - 4pm           Race Boat testing on course as per Race Control

12pm - 5pm           Ramp operational

7pm                        Racer Meet & Greet - TBA


Sunday, August 30, 2014

7:30am                    Course Buoys set

8am                         Team physicals - TBA

9am                         Racer Meeting - TBA

9am - 6pm              Crane lift and Ramp operational

9:30am                    Medical and Dive team briefing - TBA

10am                      Race Village in operation

10am                      Patrol Fleet Briefing - TBA

10am                        Race Control Operational - Detroit Wayne County Port

                                 Authority (130 Atwater St, Detroit, MI)

11am                       Patrol & Course Fleet on station

12pm                      RACE 1 (start subject to adjustment)

2pm                        RACE 2 (start subject to adjustment)

4pm                         RACE 3 (start subject to adjustment)

7pm                         Awards Ceremony - TBA