The Detroit River International Powerboat Championship held its first championship race in 2014 and is proud to announce the 2015 Detroit River International Powerboat Championship August 28th-30th. Offshore Powerboat Racing is a type of racing by ocean-going powerboats typically point-to-point racing. In Europe, Middle East and Asia, offshore powerboat racing is led by the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) regulated Class 1 and Powerboat GPS (formerly known as Powerboat P1). In the USA, offshore powerboat racing is led by the APBA/UIM and consists of races hosted by OPA Racing, OSS, and P1). The UIM is the world governing body for all Power boating activities. It is fully recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is a member of the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF) and of Sport Accord for whom the UIM President serves as President and Board member. The UIM has almost 60 affiliated National Federations. Circuit, Offshore, Pleasure Navigation and Aquabike are among the main disciplines.

The IPC is an extension of the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA). The APBA, which is the American Powerboat Association, is the US governing body for powerboat racing. APBA Offshore racing features some of the biggest and fastest boats around. These Mega-horsepower catamarans and V-hulls are capable of speeds up to 180 MPH. The teamwork and professionalism of Offshore racing make it a class act and a thrill for spectators. Typically, a team of one driver and one throttleman battle the wind and waves of the world's toughest race courses. You must be 18 years-old to drive most Offshore classes, and must be with an experienced throttleman.

The history of Detroit boat racing began with great and new H1 Unlimited chairman Steve David, who thrilled fans with his aggressive style of driving on the Detroit River in the powerful Unlimited Hydroplanes for more than 20 years and who is adamant the Gold Cup, which was first held in Detroit in 1916 is excited to have this phenomenal sport back on the river of Detroit.

An estimated 10,000 spectators will participate and watch this year race and is excited to see the fast and furious boats hit the water. These spectators will catch the action and hear the roar of the high-powered machines. A mixture of private funding and commercial sponsors finances this sport. Food, vendors, and Waterfront bleachers offer some of the best views and the event goers can ask for.